Trebinje, a city of leisure and culture

Trebinje is located at the southern extremity of Republika Srpska (Bosnia & Herzegovina), covers an area of 904 sq. km and has 36,000 residents. It lies at the foot of Mount Leotar on the edge of Trebinje Plain at an altitude of 273 m. It is but 25 km from the Adriatic Sea. Trebinje is said to be a city of wine, sun and planetrees. The climate is Mediterranean, with predominantly sunny skies (260 days), low relative humidity and few clouds, hot summers and rain in the winter months. The fall is warmer than the spring, and it snows but rarely; and when it does snow, it lingers on the ground only a little while. Trebinje is considered one of the most beautiful of B&H’s cities. It is the commercial and cultural centre of eastern Herzegovina.

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